He didn’t seem that bad. At least compared with some passengers I have seen…

When I arrived at Upper Ferntree Gully station I hadn’t been able to hear the station announcements. The first one was happened when I was in the underpass, the next one while a other train at the adjacent platform departed. So I didn’t know what the problem was (assuming the said). As it happened, I boarded the train on the closest door to the problem teenager. Oops. As I got on he asked me if I know what the delay was, and I said no. He then asked me if the train was delayed, and I said yes, while still walking to a vacant seat.

He was ranting and raving, and threatened to repeatedly push the emergency button, claiming it was an emergency. Apparently he also made threats to the driver, although I can’t have been on the train at the time.

After the police arrived, removed the passenger, the train departed when the train driver made an announcement and said he couldn’t say anything earlier. He also complained that the police took 35 minutes to respond. At this time I realized the teenager was the primary cause of the delay, and maybe entering from that particular door wasn’t the best of strategies. Previously I had assumed there was signal failure or something, and that the problem passenger couldn’t cope with the delay.

The 7:39am train left at 8:01am.