Speaker unknown
Time 2004-01-13 17:00
Conference LCA2004

Contain butterflies in a jar, so you can look at then to get adrenaline, but so they don’t interfere with performance.

Alternative (from other source): Make the butterflies fly in formation.

Be excited.

auditory: it sounds good

visual: it looks good

kinesthic: it feels good

Know what you are talking about; if it is fuzzy in you head, you will get a fuzzy audience.

Make the audience laugh.

Be excited.

Know the audience.

Respond to the needs of the audience. Are the acting bored?

Be optimistic; don’t assume the worst, assume the best.

Presentation: Remove any potential distractions. e.g. belt bags, mobile phones, etc. Stand up straight, shaved, brushed hair, etc.

Be excited.

technical != difficult to understand/complicated

Use analogies: use real-life stories; demonstrate that you are really human