Speaker Robert Collins
Time 2004-01-16 16:00
Conference LCA2004

patch to send via E-Mail

  • quote lines, say this sucks, etc
  • tar.gz - social problem if email readers can’t read it
    1. tla changes –diffs
    2. tla show-changeset
      • won’t show new files
      • won’t show deleted file contents
    3. web server
      • arch perspective
      • viewarch.cgi

inventory magic

  • tutorial really dense
  • inventory a way of classifying all files in project according to rules
  • junk files
  • precious files

Don’t have a hook that runs before change-set is created to automatically tag untagged files


  • tla cat-config configs/emf.net/devo.tla | xargs -n2 tla update -d