Speaker Lev Lafayette
Time 2008-02-05 19:00
Conference LUV

23,000 PCs to schools in the Philippines.
30,000 Fedora systems.
10,000 Ubuntu systems.

French military police force to adopt Linux, 30th. Will change to Ubuntu.

Dutch government, April 2008, agencies to use open standards software, soft target.

Daniel Robins blog, Gentoo events. Gentoo community found their charter had been revoked for several weeks. Daniel’s solution: reinstate me as president. He ended up not taking the position. Active user base distant from development base.

OLPC, and similar projects. Spin off from OLPC, will produce a $70 laptop.

$199 Linux PC, released Jan 8th.

Linux and Windows dual boot on OLPC?

IBM have released project for application development for the OLPC in Python.

End of December, new head for Red-Hat. Wants to increase turnover tenfold to $5 billion a year.

IBM AIX holds on to 4% market. MAC OS X, etc, are less. Linux is the top.

Mobile phone market. Linux. Approx 1/4 mobile phone market is Linux.

Desktop market, OEMs: Dell, HP, etc. are providing Linux on desktops.

EEE PC, selling beyond expectations. Nokia N810. etc

Mythtv, really really handy.

Amazon best of list. Best selling computer, Nokia tablet PC with Linux.

New kernel. Not a really important kernel. Few features, not worth talking about. Changes to the scheduling again. ATA changes. Merged 32bit and 64bit kernel together. Small change actually.

Google to compete with Microsoft in fencing.