Speaker James Turnbull, Security Architech, National Australia Bank
Time 2008-06-03 19:00
Conference LUV

Configuration Management

Large number of like hosts … that are somehow never alike.

Documentation; no documentation - no idea what I did that for. Stick documentation in wiki, so anybody can edit.

Track changes - Software configuration management.

CMDB - configuration management database.

Configuration managent tools:

  • closed source solutions: Tivoli (does a lot of things but not very well)
  • open source solutions better: Puppet

Puppet is:

  • free
  • client server model
  • secure SSL communication
  • unix centric
  • supports external databases and LDAP for configuration
  • extensible
  • ruby
  • windows not supported; flat files are supported; windows requires API calls, reboots, etc.
  • open application
  • declarative language
  • relational, define relationships
  • transactional - roll back changes - not yet fully implemented
  • https://reductivelabs.com/PuppetModules
  • Language: Define arrays, variables, conditionals
  • not monoloithic model; does a better job

Remove inventory tool.

push and pull model supported