Speaker various
Time 2009-04-07 19:00
Conference LUV

Sandrine Balbo, Arlene Sivlac, Kieron McGuire, Chao Li, Albert Penticoss

Deakin University

  • relatively new university - established in 1974; started teaching 1977.

Knowledge Media Division (KMD)

Copyright management - copyright taken very seriously. Need to audit everything.


  • Find and access resources.
  • Management of University’s IP.
  • Retention and preservation of University’s IP when staff move on.
  • Improved management of 3rd party resources.

Going live 20th April 2009. Starting migration on 15th of April.

Cannot have more then 10% of document available at any time, university wide. Our code enforces this - no more of the document can be activated.

For paper books it is 10% of document per university unit.

How open is the application? It is Linux based. Other universities will also be able to use software, generally at much smaller scale.

Oracle/J2E technology used.