Speaker James Parser
Time 2010-01-18 11:00
Conference LCA2010


Independent Wave == IWave


Four open source servers have been independantly created:

  • FedOne
  • Ruby On Sails
  • PyGoWave
  • Novell Pulse Wave.


  • Not ready for production
  • No user authentication
  • No persistance
  • console based

Ruby of Sails

  • written by 17 year old in US.
  • Web based interface.
  • Character by character interface.
  • Wants to rewrite it to create own client/server interface.


  • Django based.
  • Started of at gadget tester.
  • Internal operation transforms.
  • Developing own client/server protocol.
  • Will support federation.

Novell Pulse Wave

  • Closed source.
  • Still awaiting for release.



  • x-platform
  • FedOne
  • QT
  • not production ready


  • native client
  • proof of concept

Client/server protocol

Need a client/server protocol to attract people to using wave who do not live in the web world.


  • What do you do with malicious agents?
  • Agents can be hosted remotely. As with FedOne.
  • Agents can appear as another person. How can you tell if it is a bad bot or a bad person?
  • Too many bad bots and people want use Wave.


We need a well defined and accepted standard that is agreed on and used by clients and servers.

Standard needs to define way of telling agents apart from people.

Missed opportunities

Reasons people can’t use Wave:

  • Privacy legislation
  • Commercial confidentiality
  • Infrastructure requirements

Idea wave server needs to take over email server. Replace SMTP, POP3, IMAP.

E-Mail gateway

Dan Peterson: Very difficult to manage every use case. Otherwise we end up just making Wave look like E-Mail. We invested a lot of code and time to do this, but it encountered very hard problems, so project was put on hold. We understand E-Mail is very important. We need to figure out a better way of doing this.