Speaker Gabriella Coleman
Time 2010-01-19 09:15
Conference LCA2010

ACTA - Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Act

  • Includes 3 strikes rule for ISPs.

Richmond Stallman:

  • Described himself as a happy hacker.
  • Frustrated with restricted access to software.


  • Hackers can blow up your computer and your family.
  • Terrorist groups sell pirate DVDs to raise funds.
  • Free software is communist cancer.
  • Linux is technically dangerous.
  • Penguins mutate into other creatures (Microsoft advertisement).

Eric Raymond renamed “free software” to “open source software” to make the term more business friendly. This was contentious. The affects last today.

Halloween documents (Microsoft):

  • OSS is a serious threat as it provides benefits we cannot with our current license models.
  • “One thing you do it prevent good software from being written.” William Gates
  • III.


  • Outlaw circumvention devices, including software, DeCSS.
  • Dmitry arrested.
  • BSA pleased Dmitry arrested.
  • Anti-DMCA movement grew as a result.

The fact people, including Richmond Stallman were deeply disturbed meant they took action.