Speaker Justin Akers
Time 2017-08-06 12:05
Conference PyCon Au 2017

Move fast with stable infra.


  • Help move fast, with stable infrastructure.
  • Composability.
  • Just do one task. Can user service by contract without understanding implementation.
  • Reliability.
  • Mobility.
  • Fault isolation - only if you do it properly.
  • Test and deploy at your own pace.
  • Ownership. Teams can own individual microservices.
  • Safer deployment and testing.
  • Scaling. Can move bottlenecks around. Doesn't actually help.
  • Can back fire. Not as easy as it sounds.

Why not?

  • Complexity.
  • Logging and metrics diverge. Standard logging service. Standard metrics service. Constant checking required.
  • Shift in bottlenecks.
  • Overheads leads to waste.
  • Management to aviod silos.
  • Full stack testing is harder.
  • Difficult to debug interactively.
  • Disaster recovery is daunting.
  • Not a silver bullet. Different colour.

Decouple cleanly. Apache Thrift.

  • asyncio support coming soon.

Measuring and monitoring. Should be done from the start. Prometheus.

Should not hardcode IP addresses or domain names.

Shadowing. Duplicate requests to instances.