Speaker Katie McLaughlin
Time 2019-01-22 10:40
Conference LCA2019

Sleep. Paged at 3am. Tired.

Tips applicable if sick.

Essential documentation. Write stuff down.

Where? Critical.

Somewhere where you can throw notes down.



  • Editable. Without PRs.
  • Searchable. Not going to find notebook with documentation at 3am.
  • Behind company firewall.
  • Discoverable by co-workers.

Document your tools.

  • Ensure tools aren’t dangerous.
  • Environment variables need to be set.

Contextual information in alert. Link to important information for server or service.

Post Mortem.

  • Update documentation after events occurred.
  • Feedback loop.

Recurring issues.

  • Balancing act with time spent vs time saved.

Learning. Learn how environment works. Teach this to others.

Flag change. Update documentation with infrastructure changes.

At 3am: Write down every command and every output.