Speaker Ben Dechroi
Time 2019-01-22 15:50
Conference LCA2019
  • Secret warrants.
  • Front door not a back door.
  • Fines for non-compliance.
  • Breaking trust in Encryption.
  • Australian developers and companies untrustworthy.
  • Do Australian’s still have safety in employment?
  • Cost in dealing with questions from potential customers/clients.
  • Australian companies had advantage over USA companies before this law come in.
  • Five eyes. Other countries can ask Australia assistance for spying.
  • Bill could be subject to amendments. Or taken to high court.
  • Warrant Canary. Court of law may see this as communication and illegal. Can only work once.
  • Talk to boss beforehand. If I resign immediately without notice or reason, probably due to AABill. Revoke all my rights.
  • Can say no to unreasonable requests. Not breaking fundamental Internet technologies. Three clauses.
  • Non-Australians should raise issues with their governments.
  • People who wrote it aren’t completely stupid. Politicians maybe.
  • Union for software engineers.