Speaker Alexandra Perkins
Time 2019-01-22 11:10
Conference LCA2019

Why you should invest time in documentation on first week.

Asking questions doesn’t work for some people or if people being asked don’t have time to answer the questions.

Documentation non-judgemental way of getting required information.

Document anything you find hard about your job. Location of meeting rooms.

Aimed at somebody exactly like you.

Sometimes need to aim at somebody less technically experienced. E.g. How to book leave.

Just starting out. What now.

  • Look at wiki if available.
  • Words documents.
  • Tickets.
  • Do it immediately. If you postpone to later, you will forget.
  • Notes to yourself on slack.
  • Screen shots of useful slack conversations.
  • Informal staff meetings, social gatherings, etc.

Internal documentation. Can be quick. Don’t worry about spelling. Can be fun. Can be welcoming for newcomers. Can be humorous.

Future proofing. Needs to be updated after you leave. Needs to be somewhere where everyone can access. Searchable.

New changes to documentation and policies. For existing staff, and for new staff. Sending emails will update existing staff, but still need to update the documentation for new staff.

If you email the updates, then you need to update the documentation.

When updating documentation, existing staff need to be informed that the documentation has changed.