Speaker Dr. Morgan Leigh
Time 2019-01-23 14:25
Conference LCA2019

Science is a belief system that believes scientific study is the one true way.

It is almost as it capitalism is a really bad idea.

Wikipedia has been captured by radival pseudoskeptics.

Open is not enough.

Convergent problems: one single answer.

Divergent problem: no right answer.

What you do for a living is a divergent problem.

  • Consent.
  • No harm.
  • Some good.

Kittens can’t provide consent so we can consent for them.

Therefore: User’s don’t understand programming so we can consent for them.


We should ask users for consent.

Problem when broken down and built component by component can be ethical. However when all parts combined, may not be ethical.

Writing a hack to make things work is what software engineers do all the time.

VW emissions scam.

He had no choice, he could have lost his job. That was his choice. It may be a bad choice, but he still had a choice.


Programmer has choice of saying “No I will not write that backdoor.”

Codes of conduct not the answer. They are a good starting point.

Need to ensure that people you hire also share your values.