Speaker Dana Lewis
Time 2019-01-23 09:10
Conference LCA2019

Type I diabetes.

Chronic disease like being struck by lightning.

Blood sugar levels can vary by non-measurable things. Average person makes hundreds of decisions on a daily basis that affects blood sugar levels.

Takes up to 90 minutes for insulin to take effect.

Food effects blood sugar levels in 15 minutes.

Manual diabetes. A lot of manual work.

Different devices don’t talk to each other. Not possible to get data out.

Alarm fatigue. Use to hearing same alarm, body ignores it. Can’t change alarm. Scared to go to sleep.

First solution open loop. Wake person up and they see status and take appropriate action.

Open source artificial pancreas system. #OpenAPS

No concerns with over sleeping.

Many ways system could fail. Design needs to take into account these possible failures.

Large focus on safety.

People with diabetes have to work it out or die.

How are we talking to pump? We are using old security flaw that caused pump to be recalled. So only works for old pumps.

Most important thing in open source is the willingness to try.

Not what your professional job is.