Speaker Rusty Russell
Time 2019-01-25 09:10
Conference LCA2019


  1. SunOS. Emacs. Gnu Manifesto.

  2. University. SGI. IRIS. gcc.

  3. Usenix. UseLinux Track. How to make Linux support multiple processors. Port Linux to Sparc. Was not recorded. Was the greatest talk ever. lmbench. Linux won against every benchmark compared with Solaris.

Graphs for firewall rules.

  1. ipchains for Linux. Throw away old code, and put in Rusty’s code. Overnight Rusty was the firewall maintainer. Job advertised for ipchains expert. Got employed to rewrite ipchains.

Needed Australian Linux Conference.

Why would we go to a Linux conference? Most people into Linux students or hobbyist. Hard to sell.

Conference needs speakers. Speakers need to be paid.

200 people showed up. In middle of winter.

No network. No wifi. Somebody printed out slashdot on daily basis and posted copy on notice bird. No video.

Conference T-shirts.

Lesson. Never again.

  1. Don’t need my permission for linux.conf.au.

  2. 3 talks were accepted by Rusty Russell. All three talks scheduled at the same time.

Andrew Tridgell.

Projects happen:

  • People smart enough to complete them.
  • People dumb enough to try.

“That sounds great! Tell me more!”

“What can I do to help?”

“Enable people enthusiasm.”

Collaboration is a super power.

“This is not where you belong.”