Destination The Great Ocean Road, Australia
Dates 2005-09-05 to 2005-09-10
Transport car
Purpose holiday

In September 2005 we had a holiday along The Great Ocean Road.

The Great Ocean Road

In May this year, we went to see stay at Cobden Crest Cottage , near The Great Ocean Road .

It was a great place to stay, but unfortunately, the locals didn’t understand any english. They kept repeating the same word over and over, I think it sounded like “MOOOoooooo.”

Cobden locals

The Cobden Creat Cottage came complete with Kitchen, Bedrooms and Games rooms.


We saw the road to nowhere. This road use to be the main road, and was to close to the cliff, and as such the road was relocated.

Road to nowhere

We saw history behind General Motors Holden.

Holden & Frost

… as well as some incredible views of the coast.

Near Gibson steps

Some of the tourist attractions had lots of steps to climb up and down.

The Grotto

Some of the waves were very big, and had a dramatic effect as they came in. It is hard to capture on camera.

Powerful waves

We also visited the nearby chocolate factory and the cheese factory. We saw the Lochness Cow outside the cheese factory. Unfortunately Dad was too slow, and didn’t see it. The photo is not a fake.

Lochness Cow