(documented from memory and rough notes 2007-02-16)

Something weird happened, at Melbourne Central station. As I was coming down the escalators I realized I was late for my 5pm train (it was 5pm and I was still near the top and needed to go down to the bottom platform). So I raced down and got straight into the train, which was there waiting.


Then after I caught my breath, I realized the train was the earlier 4:57 train to Glen Waverly, so I got off.

Even weirder - the train still hadn’t left.

The I realized the train wasn’t going anywhere.

Still weird.

Then a somebody in a bright orange shirt with the writing “Connex Service Representative” talked to the driver of the train, and went into the passenger compartment and removed a bag.

At this stage not only did the train left, but the train on the opposite platform also left too. At this stage my trains was running approx 10 minutes late.

What the hell was this about? Somebody forgot their bag?

Just to add insult, for anybody who (is silly enough) to use the bus from my station, because the train was running late, the bus was impatient to leave and left as soon as the first people from the train got on - too bad if you were on the other end of the train… 1 hour until the next bus…