At 9:08pm I was waiting at the Montague Street (route 109 light rail section), for the 9:11 tram. It never came.

When then 9:21 tram came, I asked the driver if the previous tram had been cancelled.

He said that the 9:11 tram was from Southbank Depo, and he came from another Depo. As such, he didn’t know.

His answer seemed curious - since the 9:11 tram terminates Kew depo, I would assume it was from Kew. I might have mis-heard.

Oh hang on a minute… Weren’t the recent time table changes meant to increase the number of trams??? I also thought the new time tables weren’t effective until next week.

It looks like the trams have been decreased to 1 every 20 minutes now in non-peak period, as of 2006-09-10. The 9:11pm tram no longer runs. Nowhere have I seen any indication that tram service was going to be reduced. According to the timetable from the Metlink website. There weren’t any timetables at Montague Street stop.


So this means if the tram is late (as sometimes happens), I get to wait 30 minutes for the next train.

Double yuck.

They can’t even use the excuse that the trams aren’t busy - while it is very inconsistent, generally speaking, there is plenty of demand.

There isn’t even a timetable at Montague Street stop (at least not on the north side) - occasionally there has been a timetable taped to the darkest part of the wall with sticky tape, but predicatable it doesn’t last.