I got to the Montague stop, as normal, at 9:10pm. After waiting 15 minutes, it eventually dawned on me that they were no trams.

I struggled to find out what was going on. My understanding is that the tram lines had become slippery, and they were adding a coating to make them not slippery (or something weird). Or, as far as I could tell, scheduled maintenance.

However, I could not find any evidence of any announcements or signs that the tram line would be closed (I got a friend to check the major websites while I was waiting at the tram stop). Nor were the Yarra Trams employees concerned when I told them I had been waiting at a stop without any service.

Later on I found some official information on the tram closure. Its a pity Yarra trams wasn’t any better at advertising this announcement.

The Yarra Trams employees I spoke to on the night never mentioned anything about an official announcement, the bus replacement service, or that trams would be affected the entire week.