Lets see how times work out, UFTG to Melbourne Central:


Morning: 7:47 –> 8:36 (frequently late) = 49min Evening: 17:00 –> 17:48 = 48min


Morning: 7:40 –> 8:49 = 69mins = 49mins + 20mins Evening: 16:49 –> 18:05 = 76mins = 48mins + 28mins note: if I left on the 16:53 train I would have missed the connection, due to train and bus delays before Box Hill and Blackburn.


Morning: 7:40 –> 8:59 = 79mins = 49mins + 30mins (note: signal failure at Blackburn station caused delays before Ringwood station; also I just missed the 8:29 from Box Hill, and caught the 8:34 instead)

I am not complaining, but extra travel time less then 17 minutes? How does Connex define a minute these days anyway?

I am guessing that in the 17 minutes the are only accounting for the delays in the bus trip, and assuming the buses aren’t delayed, without taking into account extra time taken due trains stopping at more stations.

At least there is frequent train services (at least in peak hour) so if you miss one you don’t have long to wait.