When slowing down to stop at Heatherdale station I noticed the train was tooting its horn continuous. This seemed strange. I couldn’t work out why, and thought maybe the horn was faulty or something (for some reason it seemed quieter then usual - or was that because I was half asleep?).

Anyway the reason why become immediately obvious when we continued straight through the station, entered the level crossing at exactly the same time the boom gates lowered fully, and come to a stand still with the front carriage blocking the entire level crossing (it stopped at the extreme end of the level crossing).

As indicated by the driver, people had to exit the train via the back carriage (3 carriage train). So I assume we overshoot by at least one and a bit carriages.

Was a Comeng train, with M-Train stickers still in place. So I suspect the driver may have misjudged conditions in the wet weather.

Then, to ensure my trip remained exciting, when driving up the mountain a rabbit started doing circles in front of my car. The rabbit lived… For now anyway.

Fortunately most trips home aren’t quite this exciting.