Trains were stuffed up today. Not only were the late, but they were out of order - I suspect this is because some trains bypassed the city loop.

This meant while I caught the 16:53 Lilydale train from Melbourne Central (actual time closer to 17:00), I missed the next 17:00 Belgrave train and the 17:08 Belgrave (the 17:17 came first).


The station master at Upper Ferntree Gully wasn’t terribly impressed when the 6:07pm (I think it was on time but can’t remember now) arrived before the 5:55pm.

Anyway here is the schedule of trains and approximate times at Ringwood, in order of actual arrival.

17:31 Belgrave at ??:?? 17:28 Lilydale at 17:38 17:36 Ringwood at 17:41 17:38 Lilydale at 17:48 17:51 Belgrave at 17:51 17:43 Belgrave at ??:?? 17:47 Lilydale at ??:??

The first entry and last two are guesses, I wasn’t there at the time. The 5:43 was indicated when I pushed the green button at the station (3 minutes after the 5:51), so I assume it was correct.