Today my train arrived at Box Hill station, as usual. The only warning sign something was wrong was we stopped at platform 4, not platform 3, and there wasn’t a Blackburn train terminating on platform 3. We waited.

When the Ringwood train passed us on Platform 3, I started getting worried.

The next train, a Blackburn train passed us on Platform 3, and we were given an automatic message the train might be delayed by 10 minutes, so I got off and caught the next Lilydale train from Platform 3 (fortunately my gamble paid off and it left first…).

At Ringwood I changed to the Belgrave train, which still wasn’t the train stranded at Box Hill, but the next one. I didn’t notice any people from my Belgrave train on this one, and it looked relatively quiet, so I guess they were still waiting on the train at Box Hill.

I have no idea what the problem was, because they didn’t say.

(it goes without saying I missed my bus connection).