LTS report 2018-11-01 to 2018-11-30

This time period I used 10 hours.

LTS Infrastructure

For the project LTS Infrastructure, I used 3 hours in the following tasks:

  • security tracker / python3

security tracker / python3

  • Look at stale pull requests.
  • Fix merge conflicts in PR#21.
  • Debug tests in PR#21.
  • Attempt to fix broken tests on master.
  • Create PR#25.

Jessie Package Support

For the project Jessie Package Support, I used 7 hours in the following tasks:

  • tiff


  • Patch CVE-2018-18661
  • Test patch CVE-2018-18661
  • Send email to debian-lts. tiff / CVE-2018-18661.
  • Retest tiff under gdb and followup mailing list post.
  • Continue trying to reproduce tiff CVE-2018-18661 security issue.
  • Reproduce CVE-2018-19210 on Jessie and Stretch.
  • Continue investigating CVE-2018-18661.