LTS report 2020-05-01 to 2020-05-31

This time period I used 10 hours.

Jessie Package Support

For the project Jessie Package Support, I used 8 hours in the following tasks:

  • ansible
  • bluez
  • keybase
  • mumble
  • nginx
  • tomcat8


  • Upstream fix said to be reverted, but I can’t find commit that reverts it.
  • Posted message to upstream bug report.
  • Posted message to upstream bug report.
  • Updated details in dla-needed.txt.


  • Post email describing the problems applying the upstream patch.
  • Post email.
  • Update dla-needed.txt entry for bluez.


  • Clarify if support is still required or not for Jessie. See email.


  • Try building package with C++11.
  • Failed, Jessie package doesn’t have C++11 support.
  • Sent email to debian-lts mailing list.


  • Clarify meaning of “invasible” in dla-needed.txt. See email.


  • Investigate 3 CVEs. All of them appear to be minor issues only.

LTS Infrastructure

For the project LTS Infrastructure, I used 2 hours in the following tasks:

  • Security Tracker
  • Todo list

Security Tracker

  • Review and update pending merge requests.

Todo list