I have a PhD in computer access control, including authentication protocols such as Kerberos and authorisation protocols such as SPKI. I obtained my PhD in 2002 from Monash University in Clayton.

For my PhD I submitted papers at various conferences, including:

The Phd is available for download.


  • Page 7, Line 13: “This thesis addresses three issues” should read “This thesis addresses these three problems”.

  • Page 7, Line 6 from bottom: “not secret, but must be kept secure”. To clarify, secret means no one else has access to it, and secure means no one else can alter it.

  • Page 8, Line 4 from bottom: Just to clarify that the work mentioned was done by me.

  • Page 9, Line 3: change “a criteria” to “a criterion”.

  • Page 9, Line 4: change “references” to “literature”.

  • Page 9, Line 6: change “Also, the system should be secure” to read “Moreover, the system implementing the protocol should contain no loopholes”.

  • Page 10, Line 2: Change “The next chapter introduces the basic concepts behind access control, and how it is made up of authentication and authorisation.” to read “Chapter two introduces the basic concepts of access control, and explains how access control is formed in terms of authentication and authorization.”

  • Page 11, Line 11: Change “This was” to “This work was”.

  • Page 12, Line 7: Change “During the course of this research conducted with relation to this thesis, much of the work has been published as academic research papers.” to “Most of the research results related to this thesis have either been published or been submitted for publication.”