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  • Email forwarders

    Traditionally, Unix daemons communicate to the sysadmin in one of two ways. Either by logging something to a file, or by emailing the user. This has meant every system requires a MTA to be installed, configured, and working. However, a full scale MTA is often an overkill for many systems, e.g. why should a web server require a MTA that can do everything possible when all that is required is to forward the output of cron jobs to a system admin? There is no need to deliver mail locally, and no need to queue mail either, your mail server can do that. To have a complicated solution for a simple problem means that things are more likely to break and/or create security issues.

  • Secure Gateways

    For any connection to the Internet, ideally you want to keep things as separate as possible. For example, web servers should not exist on your internal network, because this means anybody who breaks into the web server can access your internal network. You shouldn’t put it on your firewall either, because not a potential attacker could get access to everything.