Speaker various
Time 2004-01-15 16:15
Conference LCA2004

Jeremy Allison (acting as Bdale)

Don’t have the prize iPAQ just yet, will draw a picture of one instead.

Judges will judge

Command Line Management of

Duncan Lorry
Intelligent Platform Management Interface

Machine Automation tools

program controls industrial machinery
started Jan 2000
Linux in control area
core of project stable for a couple of years
programmable logic controllers
proprietary buses
“loyalty schemes”

RMD Machine Documentation

literate programming
vim, bash, etc
MID document source code
hyper-links, HTML, fonts, etc
viewcvs integrated
plain-text, integrates with CVS easily

Supersize pages on the Itanium

something fairly simple: speed
virtual addresses –> physical addresses

  • conversions using page table
  • wasted cycles fetching these tables
  • each and every address needs a page address translation buffer
  • can cache in TLB, but TLB is expensive
  • only one translation, prevent wasted cycles

nothing yet done for Linux
users not aware of it happening, except greater speed with config option turned on
Gelato web page

X11 Print System

Dew Parsons
Debian Maintainer: X11 Print system, gworldglobe
printing system designed to fit into X
layer between application application and print service
applications can use X print API to print pages
x print allows printing properly
full internationalisation
CSS style sheets
PDF documents
Mozilla xprint aware

Wine desktop integration program

James Gregory
win applications look like gnome applications
plug in based theme system
motivation, wine is cool, but hard to make it do anything
goto webpage

Open business applications

Ron Skyo
new platform
driver for issue, real problem with X and latency (not Telstra’s fault)
migration path to Linux.
reduced 4000 basic program to 400 lines
framework will be realised on Mozilla type license, approx August

RTL8.81 MIPS, 2 PCI, 2 Ethernet, wireless

Grant Defi
Access point
A friend of mine got one of these
2 access points bridging Ethernet
uploaded new firewire via web interface
Linux + Busybox + etc
could you please send us the source? No
But you need to do this, see GPL.
They contacted the OEM
“Please send us the copy of the source that contradicts the GPL”
They got the development environment, and put it on the web.
powerful and fun
Ethernet attached wireless network devices
not enough ram for dynamic routing
some of the source, working on the rest of it

Software Suspend in Linux

was buggy 1 year ago which could trash file systems
very stable with 2.4 kernel
2.6 has issues
lots of extra features

  • compression
  • more reliable and faster
  • suspend machine, push escape to abort

patch to kernel and script

Virtual Rating Page Tables

Durran Williams
Accessing memory requires 3 level page table on Intel
compress level to single, double, … 5 level page table
shallow table to allow faster memory access
compress in width; super pages
seamless implementation
clear interface device independent routines
implementing own page tables
instead of static page table, variable depth, variable page table width
access super pages

Devel Daemon

Dan Shearer
daemons, not reusable, but should be
template daemon
1600-1800 lines code
connection logging
same thing by default
debug switch, debug goes to STDERR not Syslog
default daemon behaviour
error handling, tries to recover
resource management
tries to be portable
C code gurus required to show buffer overflows

Web data applications for busy people

Matt Palmer
Do as much as possible with as little effort as possible
forms, reports, PHP system that does similar thing
clean simple interface
people use to Microsoft stuff will find it easy to understand
PHP 5 will make it easier
triggers, events, form parser
describe what your controls are, where they go
available on the web now
data driven applications, Draco will help now, or can be fixed

Composes Musical Application for Java

solid framework for computer composition in Java
Support musicians in Java
manipulating, analysing midi,audio files
extendable, by programming in Java
open source project
library simple enough for new users, and complicated enough for professionals

Slashdot uclypt

Ashley Jennings
simple moderation feature
very very alpha, text based
python 10k, 4 files

Rusty, no comment

Result tomorrow