Speaker Kristen Carlson Accardi
Time 2007-01-16 14:00
Conference LCA2007

Take credit for your work. It is expected. Don’t be modest.

CC patches to big mailing lists.

Social skills important as well as technical skills.

Take credit fot things you don’t do (add maintainer name code reviewed).


PCI X - faster bus speed.

PCIe - different but pretends to be similar; message bus, not shared bus.


  • 00:00.0
    • 00 - bus
    • 00 - device on bus
    • 0 - function
  • vendor code, sub vendor code, sub device code.
  • 8086 Intel = 86-08

IRQS A, B, C, D get mapped to IRQs.

  • setpci
  • if BIOS doesn’t make changes (very unlikely), changes are persistant across reboots.