Speaker Keith Packard
Time 2007-01-17 16:50
Conference LCA2007

Xinerama - multiple monitors

VidModeExtenions - change mode for each monitor and size of screen

history of X:

  • number of screens fixed at server startup
  • can’t move window between screens (windows; pixmaps)
  • resources per screen


  • move application between screen
  • resources duplicated for every monitor - resource hungry
  • not dynamic
  • windows duplicated for each screen (byt only visible on one)


  • VidModeExtension
  • Shift+Alt+[+-]

Multiple graphics cards should be supported


  • rotate screen
  • landscape to/from portrait
  • size changes need to be exposed to applications
  • no rotation in XFree86 (would have required driver changes)
  • Static

5 versions of xinerama in CVS repository (each driver, etc)

Virtual screen - “real screen”

  • displays map and display sections from the virtual screen
  • Max size 2048x2048 - xaa limit


  • XAA - stale
  • DRI separate memory management