Speaker Zoe "Zonker" Brockmeier
Time 2007-01-18 11:00
Conference LCA2007

3 types of projects

  • scratch own itch, solve own problem
  • Benign and neglect, moving direction of team, not users.
  • user-centric

Marketing can’t solve problem with software

bullet slide bad, one item per slide good.

Marketing isn’t always bad:

  • bring in new users
  • bring in new developers
  • share code

Traditional methods don’t work for FOSS

Word of mouth, presentations, write articles, press, webpage

  • good postgresql, vim.


  • embrace non-developers
  • Debian mainlainer application
  • process developer centric

Don’t “just grab code from {CVS,subversion}”

  • source tarball with clear instructions
  • distro specific package
  • wmare package


  • good documentation important
  • aimed at non-developers


  • say nasty things about competitor’s programs
  • people don’t like to be told that their stupid for using Windows
  • positive not negative

Don’t say “we will release when ready”

  • predictable releases


  1. introduce yourself
  2. be sincere
  3. send updates
  4. have a reliable press contact
  5. don’t flame: “You lost all credibility” - DON’T!!
    • sends messaege “don’t write about our project or you will get flamed by wierdos”
  6. Become the media - get a planet
  7. Good luck


virial marketing

  • hard for floss if at saturation point among FOSS fans


  • stand back
  • don’t bite users
  • not gods


  • promote software, too.

How to deal with negative views

  • honest, refuse interview
  • don’t go on defensive
  • don’t feed the trolls
  • don’t link to the article