Speaker Russell Coker
Time 2008-01-28 13:30
Conference LCA2008


Strict policy currently has issues in Debian that need to be fixed. eg. changing a password will lock users outside the system, as /etc/passwd is given the shadow_t type. Fixing this is a simple patch.

People don’t like security, they work against it. For example, when an application doesn’t work, the suggested fix is to permanently turn off SE-Linux, even when SE-Linux wasn’t causing the problem.

Need more people contributing to security in Linux.

libc6 maintainer refused patch for silly behaviour in libc6 without good reason. libc6 opens utmp file in R/W mode, and if that fails it will open it in RO mode, even though, RO mode is required. This produces misleading SE-Linux messages, as it would appear that the application requires read write access to the file. An experienced person is needed to tell that read-only access is sufficient.