Speaker Jonathan Oxer
Time 2008-01-30 10:30
Conference LCA2008


aptitude remote brltty
aptitude install libftdi0  sun-java5-jre gcc-avr avr-libc
update-alternatives --config java

Second life

  • virtual flying
  • virtual tanning
  • virtual cancer?

Second Life - grid, subdivided into sections, one server for each section. State and attributes of objects are passed from server to server.

20,000 to 30,000 users at any one time.

Object database, multi terabytes of data, stored in lots of mysql databases.

Permission system

  • You have control over objects you create. eg. can others copy it, distribute it, pay to copy it, etc?
  • Can only create objects if environment permits, e.g. sandbox.

cube is default object created

teengrid access is for teenagers only

everything is scriptable

controlled environment

Mining company wanted to map mine onto second life, real world positions of people and vehicles into second life.


  • HTTP from Second Life
  • XML-RPC into Second Life
    • every object is addressable
  • email into Second Life
  • modify Second Life client - libsecondlife - clean room reverse implementation, for interacting with Second Life without a GUI.
  • private Second Life sim

“What is the point of that?”

OpenGrid project: Build server side, under open system.

Linux Australia

Linux Australia have an online forum for discussing Second Life.

Controlling devices

appliance remote control

X10 appliance controller, allow controlling devices by software

“I have a soldering iron and I feel I need to use it…”

sprinkler system, $20 timer tap, modified for software control


Think of new, cool, things that can be done that haven’t been done before.

hardware is modifiable

use small script as glue

allow anybody access to your website to turn your fan on/off


Jon’s House

front gate, wired with IP.

letter box auto detects when door has been opened.

  • to virtual representation to virtual email in second life.
  • scanner in letter box to scan email, so second life virtual email realistic???

detect when gate is opened or closed

open/close curtains, if you are lazy

motorized tracks for curtains, add a couple of hundred dollars to cost

  • standard controller has no software control
  • hack it, add Ethernet connection

open/close skylight automatically

sprinkler system

control everything via web interface on phone.