Speaker Leslie Hawthorn
Time 2008-01-31 14:30
Conference LCA2008

License compliance

Open source project hosting

Google code that has been created for everyone.

Every new engineer encouraged contribute patches back to source, and work has been done with laywers to remove any barriers.

Hosting large scale scientific data sets. Millitary spending increasing in the states. Less money spent in other groups.

Groups are asking Google to store there data, so it doesn’t get lost.

For example Hubble Telescope data.

Academic research - come and see Grant on open day.

community events

Google sponsored software freedom day.

funding development

Summer of code

Fund students to write open source software for 3 months which corresponds to the annual holidays in USA.

Students, really good, have no idea what it takes to work in a real job. Summer of coding was designed to fix this.

Three years now
130+ FLOSS projeccts
1500+ graduates
2000+ mentors
90 countries
$10M USD funding

1,000,000 lines code produced in 2007.

Umit is GUI frontend for Nmap.

Making Drupal easier to use. Pick and choose Drupal module.

Girls in IT

  • Role model:
    Nur Aini Rakhmawati
    “Are you really doing all that stuff? But you are a girl!”
  • Please stop uncomfortable silences. Also give practical advice.

Aussies and Kiwis

  • Three people in room have done the summer of school project.

Southern hemisphere project

  • If it happens will be announced in October.

Finding participants

  • documentation
  • training
  • code

Lots of contributions can be made for open source who don’t submit patches.

Or contribute to the user interface.

International context law is scarry, especially if they are under 18, unless they are claiming a prize.