Speaker various
Time 2008-02-01 15:40
Conference LCA2008

Database drive web application - Flame

Adoption and rejection of tools by Debian - Martin F. Krafft


Plastic computer - Paul

plastic computer, replace with wood, glued together. Make sure mould dries on flat surface. Use a good glue that sticks to stainless steel. Fire hazard?

We’re not there yet

What is delaying mainstream Linux adoption. Legal problems with allowing FOSS to support all media formats. Support is needed. Patent free royalty free access to implement these codecs in open source is requied.

Linux Australia members in Second Life blog

(google for “linux australia second life)

  • tutorials, how to install second life on Debian
  • need a reasonably decent graphics card
  • no need to resort to commercial software
  • people can post to the blog too if desired
  • virtual expo; virtual meetings through Second Life

Internet tablets

actually a laptop

##PHP code sniffer https://matrix.squiz.net/developer/tools/php_cs

  • developers wear out and need regular replacement
  • maintain coding standards
  • CVS SVN commit hook checks
  • use it test, test it, provide us with bugs

Getting laid - Jeff Waugh

  • software freedom not just for geeks
  • computers are stupid; people who program computers are stupid
  • couple aware software
  • shared flickr as an couple
  • facebook almost gets it right … almost
  • coule aware software - leads to family aware software.


Ngipi Business basic application glue

  • application glue
  • compared with larger applications
  • gdk + openoffice + postgres
  • full open bussiness accounts package
  • $8 million dollar project in progress
  • accounting, project risk, process management
  • solid commercial accounting package
  • fit into marketing and business theme
  • Risk2Do - full risk management to Australian standards
  • security controls

OLPC - Pia Waugh

  • New project, OLPC Australia
  • OLPC into the hands of disadvantaged Australia kids
  • OLPC into the hands of all Australian kids
  • OLPC into the hands of disadvantaged across Oceanic
  • Net yet official
  • Net yet up https://olpc.org.au/, will be up in about 2 weeks.
  • Will be available here cheaper then current price in USA.
  • Get businesses available for support.

Speech recognition protocol - Simon Lyall

  • linux speech recognition broken.
  • lots of abandoned projects
  • solution - break down the problem, it is too hard
  • analogy: email, list software, viruse scanning, etc, communicating via standard protocols
  • work across the network; outsource to Google possible
  • vaperware, do not have resources to do it myself

Linux and open source - Shane

  • Redhat, took copyrights out, backend support
  • Freely download, DVD given to all delegates
  • Oracle
  • Abidding by community rules

Threads - Rusty Russell

  • I hate threads. Any questions?
  • little part of program does thready stuff, and everything is shared, including memory allocation/deallocation
  • page protection invented, and exists in most modern hardware, if only it was possible to utilise this
  • anti threads technology - doesn’t exist yet
  • 6 years in development, almost finished
  • almost ready for mass deployment and ready for large developer user base

Talks you should submit to linux.conf.au - Mary Gardiner

  • Talks you should submit to linux.conf.au
  • how to get submission in
  • only happy things get in
  • something unique, not often done.
  • need more sysadmin talks
  • can be tricked
  • certain subject requires expert knowledge


  • submit your blogs to planet.linux.org.au

Latency - Google

Google platforms team, latency talk, GMail should be fast. Most likely problem is between application and disk on client computer. Filesystem overhead. Block layer, reorders things to make it more optimal. Long I/O, generates long queues, waiting for other work to be done first. Google works, by having lots of hardware, but low utilization, we are trying to improve this. Drivers, reduce CPU utilization, reduce notifications when hardware is finished. Firmware is doing something else, and does not care about the IO. Environmental issues.

Stupid buffer cache tricks - Val Henson


  • asynchronous parallel IO
  • Linux asynchronous IO isn’t
  • buffer cache keeps things that have been read for a while
  • is there a better way?


  • the first computer in the world
  • emulator in delphi, open source, full specs available
  • sample input and output available
  • we want an emulator
  • Open PC support?
  • You make the code, we will do the rest

Installing Linux removable card - Marcus Brown


Scale by abstraction - Janet

Fixing the web - Paul Fenwick


  • talk about taste
  • we can fix things
  • can we fix the web?
  • Yes, with greasemonkey.
  • Run javascript on any page you want
  • Fix myspace website - use javascript function removeContent() {…}
  • Use FireBug to get element id
  • Get almost empty page as a result
  • https://userscripts.org/
  • Book: https://diveintogreasemonkey.org/