Speaker various
Time 2008-02-02 13:00
Conference LCA2008

microphones for geeks - Nathan Bailey

Proper use of the microphone. Find happy faces and talk to them. Make you more comfortable. Face the audience, not the slides. Watch the back of the room, look for strained “I can’t here” you looks. enjoy yourself

free geek toys - Flame

toys never get used, can’t throw them away, give them to me to give away instead.

sage-AV - Maurice Castro

The System Administrators Guild of Australia

When things are working, “aren’t computers wonderful?”.

If the things are not working, “blame the system administrator”.

monthly meetings, online forums, mailings lists, within a day you get answers to your technical questions.

openstreetmap.org - Andrew McMillian

Street map data for the entire world, started in UK, no licensing issues for using maps as is the case from data from other sources.

Flash application on the Internet, for editing data.

2.5 gigabytes data total at the moment, XML format, website for submitting queries against it to get particular data from it.

OLPC Australia - Pia Waugh

Get fantastic technology to children in the region who need them or find them useful. Especially disadvantaged kids.

Website doesn’t exist, but eventually will.

Wikipedia - Brianna Laugher

Wikipedia’s colorful past, anybody can edit and can contribute.

Color article, colour redirects to color, edit war, which spelling.

edit war results in new rules. new rule concerning spelling.

Australian chapter being considered.

Passion of the Tux - Adam Harvey & Co

Video presentation, will be on planet Linux Australia

Linux.conf.au 2009 - Ben

Next year will be in Hobart. Yaahh.

Great wine, great chocolate, great conference to come to.

Open source games - Tim

I develop open source games, unlike normal games you can make them do what you want them to do.

Google for open source games, most run on Windows, if you are shackled to the past you can experience them.

Fixing the web - Paul Fenwick


Hardware hacking lab

Lots around Ameria and europe, but none in Australia. Place with equipment needs for surface mount devices, 3D printing, is available, funded by government, by use by hobbiest at affordable prices - pay only for components used. Make hardware hacking almost as usable as software hacking. Software and Hardware close mix. Trying to get Government funding. Looking for people who are interested or who could help get contacts into the Government for funding

Linux audio conference 2008

In one month time, in Germany. Live video streams. Linux audio software, audio installations, concerts, produced with Linux. https://lac.linuxaudio.org/


software synthesis and sequencing. drum patterns. each drum pattern has beats that can be programmed, can be put into song editor, songs can be played as single units, synthesis is done inside software.


taking back control over your TV. Designed to run as set top box. supports client/server model, watch on TVs all over the house. watch TV on the laptop, via wireless lan.


I came of the quaity. I stayed for the freedom. I work on Gnome. Install Ubuntu. Freedom not just for geeks.