Speaker Josh Stewart
Time 2008-06-03 19:00
Conference LUV

OpenGL 2D Interfaces

Josh Stewart

A framework for developing 2D applications that use OpenGL.

Eliminates the need to write any OpenGL code.

Applications will be accelerated.

Will work with different OpenGL backends, e.g. OpenGL ES (Mobile Phones).

Not for writing 3D applications.

High level applet style interface - e.g. flash/director

Can integrate with GST (gstreamer), GTK, Cairo (limited support).

Bindings: C, C++ C#, Python, Ruby, Vala, Perl. Not Java or JavaScript.

Python focus of presentation; it is dead easy; no big performance hit.

Animations don’t have to run in linear fashion. Can run in an expeditional fashion. This is per Alpha function.

Knots - point on screen where actor is to move to.

Text, Rectangles, advanced tools via cairo, textures using GDK pixbufs; these are just actors; can be manipulated in the same way.

Gstreamer for video/audio is supported.

Raw GL code is possible.

All actors are standard C objects.


Clutter webkit; browser on a texture.

Multiple stages supported.

Cross platform support. Current Linux, Mac OSX, Solaris. Windows sketchy.

Widget support for input values

No QT support planned

clutter based MythTV frame: gloss