Speaker David, Museum Victoria
Time 2008-08-05 19:00
Conference LUV


Information and Communication Collection

  • Norts and Crosses
  • Cray super computer
  • Historic Apple computer items
  • Fairlight
  • Coastal radio station, system used by last official Morse Code message.
  • Collected items in draws, including dust.
  • Book by Samuel Morse.
  • Printing press used for first newspaper in Victoria.
  • CSIRAC, one of the first stored computer program machines.

Raise awareness of the impact of technology within society

Conserve, document, and interpret.


Only 1st generation system in existence.

Not in operation. No longer safe to operate by modern OHS standards. Would need to build replica.

  • Mercury
  • High voltage line - hundreds of volts - completely exposed.
  • Would need to be rebuilt new with modern components. Why bother?

Switched off in 1964 and donated immediately to museum. Played death march song at the time.

Pronounced sigh - rack.

First computer to play music.

Intended to develop Australian computer industry.

12 hole paper tapes.

Machine code manual.

User friendly manual - uses a little bit of English.

off-line editing.

masking tape to cover accidental holes in tape.

toolbox for paper patches.


Tap each valve until they found faulty valve, if machine stopped working or started working after being tapped.

If somebody next door switched jug on to boil water you could switch computer off.

Down only 10% of its life.


Paint it to look nice, or keep as is?

Was originally painted grey and repainted in its use.

We cleaned it (never been cleaned before), and kept everything.

De-soldered console completely and repaint it.

Decided against making it operational, make it accessible.

Make it look like it is working.