Speaker Stuart
Time 2008-10-07 19:00
Conference LUV


Mailing list and IRC.


Rewrite of Mysql.

Remove locks where possible, better for multi-core.

Optimise for 64 bit.

Optimise for lots of RAM.

SSD will be common in 2 years.

Microkernel Architecture. Modular. Pluggable.

If you don’t load features they cannot cause problems.

ANSI SQL. Not important. No database is standards complaint.

Strict SQL by default. Change it by modifying the source code or build your own module.

Removed a bunch of features:

  • foreign keys - checks are rather expensive
  • stored procedures
  • triggers
  • windows support - gone - yah!
  • mac os x (at present time) - is broken
  • frm files going to go away
  • etc


Remove complicated ACLs. Use clouds instead.

Authentication not required.

Target audience: Large scale web applications.

Incompatible changes planned. Don’t use yet for production.

Separate project to Mysql. No plans to merge. May contribute changes to Mysql in the future. Nothing decided yet.

InnoDB is the default. Oracle not OS community friendly.

Table locks are bad.

Maria or PBXT may be used in future.

Smaller line count then mysql.

Priorities: Distributed, fast and reliable. Not aimed at 1993s database market.