Speaker Ben Balbo
Time 2008-10-07 19:00
Conference LUV

There is more then one way to skin a cat.

  1. Grab camera input
    • dvgrab
    • Some encoders can read directly from capture device.
  2. Encode stream
    • ffmpeg
    • vlc
    • mencoder
    • ffmpeg libavcodec library
    • Apple’s quicktime broadcaster
    • codecs
      • H.264, XviD (DivX, 600 MPEG-4 patents), Dirac (open source patent free)
      • which codec? Depends on hardware, upload speed, quality desired
      • raw DV and HDV over 802.11g or 082.11n
      • trial and error
  3. Server
    • Send to server
      • RTSP - VLC and Quicktime broadcaster
      • FFServer with ffmpeg
    • Streaming to server
      • RTSP
      • Red5 - only accepts RTMP but can expose FLV (flash video).
      • FFserver, streaming over http, not ideal.
  4. Server sends stream to client
  5. Client receives stream

Linking them up

e.g. to stream RTSP and expose to FLV.

  • find/build RTSP to RTMP bridge
  • chain existing tools
  • stream over RTSP to DSS


  • No RTSP streaming applications for mobile phones.
  • RTMP streaming clients
  • RTSP to FLV streaming servers
  • Auto tuning streaming clients. Won’t automatically degrade if network connection deteriorates. e.g. if jumping from 3G to Wifi or vice versa.
  • Flash playback on iPhone not currently possible.


Floss behind proprietary applications. Needs more work.