Speaker Brianna Laugher
Time 2008-11-05 19:00
Conference LUV

MediaWiki != wikimedia


  • subpages. pages contain subpages.
    • subpages show up in breadcrumbs.
    • may contain relative links.
  • name spaces
    • very popular early on, but use is fading out.
    • generally not recommended.
  • links
    • special pages in MediWiki. special: prefix.
  • categories
    • widely used
    • similar to tags
    • hierachy/taxomomy based
    • special name space
  • templates
    • have same text on different pages
    • can take parameters
    • - will not be included in other pages - may contain information on how to use template.
    • - will only appear when template is included in other pages.
    • subst - out-dated technique - expands template and replaces with content when saving page.
    • templates often nested - like oop out of control.
      • –> Template:Linux –> Template:Navbox –>
      • templates often have lots of dependencies.
  • name spaces
    • every name space has a corresponding talk name space
    • template name space
    • category name space
    • Main, Project (Alias), Help.
    • default name space = main name space, no prefix.
    • special name space
    • imaage name space
    • MediaWiki name space - require Sysop rights to change

Special pages

  • some special pages can be included in other pages. {{Special:Recentchanges/5}} - include 5 most recent changes.


  • special name space because they are treated specially.
  • any binary file fits into this name space, despite the image name.
  • [[Image:foo.jpg]] - embed image
  • [[:Image:foo.jpg]] - link image
  • [[Meida:Image:foo.jpg]] - link to file directly, eg. for PDF files which can’t otherwise be displayed.

MediaWiki name space

  • not easy to find the page that needs to be changed
  • Special:AllMessages
  • default pages may be overkill and include links to pages you don’t want to create.


  • customize sidebar
  • move search box to top
  • links point to pages in MediaWiki name space. Help internationalization.

Look & feel

  • Different skins
    • MediaWiki:Common.css
    • MediaWiki:Common.js
    • MediaWiki:Monobook.css
    • MediaWiki:Monobook.js
  • Can add per user User:Foo/Monobook.css and User:Foo/Monobook.js

Special words

  • __NOTOC__ - turn of TOC generation
  • __TOC__ - turn on TOC generation
  • #REDIRECT - redirect to another page
  • __HIDDENCAT__ - hidden categories - put this on category page
  • variables - look like templates
    • templates override variable with same name
    • time and revision related
    • statistics

User access levels

  • Anonymous
  • Registered
  • Sysop
  • Bureaucrat
  • Bot
  • Special:ListGroupRights makes it clear who has what rights.


  • can protect a page so that only sysops and above can edit
  • can edit a page so that only registered and autoconfirmed users can edit
  • prevents users from registering just to edit a protected page


  • Needs installation
  • MadiaWiki:Gadgets-definition special page.
  • Share JS and CSS between users without duplication.
  • Creates preference tab.
  • HotCat - for management of categories.
  • wikEd - not WYSIWYG - syntax highlighter.

“uselang” hack

  • Multiple upload pages based on the uselang http parameter.
  • Needs assistance from sysop for initial installation of object.

central repository for code

  • mediawiki.org
  • vary widely in quality
  • extension manager being worked on