Speaker Claudine Chionh
Time 2009-01-19 13:50
Conference LCA2009

Quantitative vs Qualitative research:

  • one looks at import events or important people
  • other looks at other people, prisoners, slaves,


Make data available to other researchers.

SQL / Perl /Python / R /etc

Public web interface to database.

Make data available to historians, familiar historians, etc.

Make use of data that has been around for 200 years but not been used significantly.


TEI: https://www.tei-c.org

BaseX: https://www.basex.org Java tool for visualizing large amounts of XML data.


Need to convert data from Excel, Access, and GNL formats to XML format.

Contact details



Will raw information be made available? Hopefully, depends on resources and funding.

License? Not decided yet. We don’t own the information, it is public domain. Not all government departments agree. This is a not-for-profit project.