Speaker Sarah
Time 2009-01-20 13:50
Conference LCA2009

Blogging (WordPress.com), Photoblogging (Flickr), Video (youtube), Live video (ustream)

Facebook, media, etc - takes copyright for all photos uploaded.

Companies make it difficult to get your data back if you want to leave (e.g. proprietary file formats).

Predatory activity is on the increase. People killed, arrested, sites blocked, shut down or suspended.

In Australia, anti-terrorism laws are being used against citizen journalists.

Some citizens journalists abuse there powers. Need to have system to ensure people don’t take advantage of system.

ISP level Internet filtering.

Beware: TOS - Terms of Service. Copyright. Censorship.

Once you release stuff, it may be used for a purpose which you don’t agree. e.g. story for alternative point of view.

Legal issues. Professional journalists can go to jail. Educate yourself regarding laws on copyright, defamation, etc.

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ABC have guide online for professional journalists.