Speaker Claudine Chionh
Time 2009-01-20 16:00
Conference LCA2009

Professional vs amateur historians.

  • Professionals get paid.
  • Professional work get reviewed by more people and isn’t locked away.

Founders and Survivors


Archival sources:

  • People on convict ships
  • Doctors reports
  • etc


Every convict to Tasmania should have some information in this database.

Extending the archives. What happened to people after they were freed? What happened to their families? No official information is available.

Goulburn Valley local history

Northern Victoria region.


Melbourne’s northern suburbs.


make wiki more use friendly.


Many users very familiar with it already through wikipedia.


Need to think like non-geeks. A lot of people are scared of technology and are scared of breaking things.

A lot of people are happy to experiment. Some may not understand copyright law when creating websites.