Speaker Jeff Waugh
Time 2009-01-20 14:20
Conference LCA2009


import this

Simple better then complex.

Practicality beats purity.

There is only one obvious way to do it.


Fierce freedom.

The universal operating system.

Massive peer production.

Standards, tools, consistency, etc.

Debian standards.

apt-get. People think it is wonderful, but in actual fact it is a bunch of poorly written C++ code.

Social scaling has been forgotten. People who think social problems can be solved with technical solutions are being weeded out.


Freedom, not just doing on your own, doing it for others. Don’t just play with yourself. Play with others too.

Less choice is often better. Choice should be available when needed.

Release early, release often.

Fierce commerce, fierce freedom.

1450: Johannes Gutenberg

Three innovations:

  1. Moveable type.
  2. Paper. Required for printing.
  3. Printing press

Freedom needs business Savy

1450 Martin Luther

Written in Latin.


Freedom needs the people.

1525: William Tyndale

Translated new Testament.

English Bible Translation = Major threat to National Security.

Bible smuggling.

Betrayed, Imprisoned, strangled, burnt at stake.