Speaker Jacob Kaplan-Moss
Time 2009-01-21 13:50
Conference LCA2009



django-voting https://django-voting.googlecode.com/

GeoDjango https://geodjango.org/

SQL is touch, and can vary considerably with no database implementation. Has no version control. Very verbose and repetitive.

Django Evolution, South, etc : upgrade database schema.

We are working on getting this projects talking to each other. May merge one of these into Django. I use south. It works. Perfectly. It may not work perfectly for other teams work flows.

from urlllib import unquote
name = unquote(package_name)
<a href="{{ p.name||urlencode }}">{{ p.name }}</a>


  • linkbreaks
  • truncatewords

Include content from parent block:

{{ block.super }}
  • testing frame work
  • forms library
  • sessions
  • authentication/authorization
  • openid library
  • caching frame work - memcached
  • Internationalization
  • Syndication - Atom/RSS
  • GIS