Speaker Benjamin Otte
Time 2009-01-22 16:00
Conference LCA2009

https://swfdec.freedesktop.org - free flash player - not done yet.

Why write a flash player?

  • I want flash to go away.
  • Liberate content.


  • things we work on
  • all the things we ever did

Content gets lost

  • Discussions we forget?
  • Put it on the internet? Store it locally?

Hard to access

  • Content restrictions: DRM, etc
  • Difficult protocols: Flash, etc
  • Obsolete media: VHS tapes, etc
  • Obsolete/changing file formats: game demos, firefox history, etc

Awareness. Who

  • does backups?
  • saves blog posts locally? (when posting to remote server)
  • knows browser.history_expire_days?
  • bash expiration history

Freedom vs freeness

  • take the best tool of the job
  • flash not free; in 5 years time you may not be able to play your old files anymore.

Awareness: We only care when we encounter problems. What is my password?

Content vs. Culture

  • MPAA vs “amateurs”.
  • Flash vs HTML
  • .NET/Java vs JS/PHP/Python/etc
  • Bytecode vs open code
  • Byte code “nobody can steal my code”; open code: other people can study code.
  • GPL - free user; BSD - free developer

If in doubt, fix the future.

HTML5 support for video formats.