Speaker Rusty Russell
Time 2010-01-22 13:30
Conference LCA2010

One Geek’s Battle to Breed a Geek


Brainwash early, brainwash often.

C Coding for Babies?

Babies can’t use keyboards.

Use joystick instead.


Distraction #1: Craft

Sewing: How hard can it be?

Making physical things is hard! Subscribing to magazine didn’t help.

Drum application.

Eyes for small children. Children are drawn to eyes.

Bang drums, eyes appear on the screen.

The enemy - the ball. If your children grews up using sporting equipment regularly, this distracts from them becoming a geek.

Python is slow. Events are 10ms apart.

Pixl perfect intersection is slow.

88x8 array of masks instead of pixel perfect.

Too much abstraction.

I optimized the two year old out of the presentation. The two year old is not a real two year old.

Build robustly. Need hours of time, due to small attention span of kids.

Make it reliable. If it doesn’t work all the time, the evil ball will win.

Trivial. Kids only have short attention span. Make it simple.

Wiiremote, could attach to child. Tell if child is sitting up or not or lying down. Difference between what I did and strapping child full of electronics. At least I hope the child walfare agencies will see it that way.

The code will be available, and is awful python.

Arabella - test subject.

Ideal 8 cameras to track motion. Not in python.