Speaker Audrey Roy
Time 2011-08-20 09:15
Conference PyCon Au 2011
Video Link

Diversity. Varied backgrounds. Different age sex, education, fields, expertise, etc.

We want diversity. Innovation. Push Python in new directions.

Too many ideas can be overwhelming. Don’t have time to implement current set of ideas. Need innovation.

Opposite of innovation is stability. Leaving Python as is.

Need to recruit more people to develop Python who wouldn’t normally be interested. Non-python users groups. Need to tap unused resources. Need to encourage them.

Wish List:

  • Image Processing (PIL), doesn’t always meet requirements, developers often build in house libraries to meet requirements.

  • Python in the browser. Wish I could write python code to manipulate client side DOM. Is code to translate python to JavaScript, project lost momentum.

  • Cross platform Python for Mobile. Apps, Games.

  • More python packages. 16237 python packages.


  • Visit user group meetings, make presentations. Can’t expect them to come to you, have to get outside your comfort zone and go out and get them.

  • Similar to company recruitment. Best ones actively support open source.

Python advocacy.

  • Model after similar groups.

Stay positive, focus on what you can do. Python advocacy is fun.