Speaker Senthil Kumaran
Time 2011-08-20 10:20
Conference PyCon Au 2011
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Python is a language reference.

CPython is just one of the implementations of Python.

PyPy, Jython, IronPython, CLPython.

  • Implemented in C.
  • Reference implementation.
  • Web frame works don’t have good Python 3 support. Once the frameworks catch up, support is going to grow faster.
  • WSGI spec needs to be worked out, main hurdle for the frameworks.


  • Python interpretor written in Java.
  • In development, but commits are irregular.
  • Jython programs use Java classes instead of Python modules.
  • Use if you are a Python programmer and want to lean Java.
  • Truly multithreaded (no GIL) and Java Garbage collection.
  • subclassing Java.
  • Jython is slow. Supports frameworks including Django, Pylons.


  • .net implementation
  • Supports silverlight.
  • Use for corporate credibility, if your company uses .Net technologies.
  • No GIL so multithreaded.


  • Python interpretor implemented in Python.
  • Aims: Speed, efficiency, and 100% Cpython compatibility.
  • JIT compiler.

Python implemented in LISP

GIL - remove using Software Transactional Memory.